Spectrum Residential
Maintenance Free and Longest Lifecycle

The Residential Spectrum Single-Jet Meter is designed to capture lower flows than traditional meters while still supplying high flows when needed. The dual bearing floating impellar design minimizes friction allowing the meter to have superior low flow and a longer lifecycle when compared to traditional PD meters.

The Single-Jet meter is unaffected by particulates in the water dramatically reducing stopped meter problems. Its compact design and light weight make it a favorite among meter installers.

These are just some of the Spectrum
Single-Jet Meter's great features:
High accuracy
Wide range — 1000:1 turndown
Superior low-flow registration
No maintenance
Excellent performance in adverse conditions
Unaffected by sand or small debris in line
No straight pipe requirements up or downstream
10-Year Accuracy Guarantee
Compatible with virtually all AMR systems
Installation services


The Metron-Farnier Single-Jet Meter is the result of years of research and development. After careful listening to customers needs, Metron-Farnier has designed a residential meter that raises the bar in residential meter standards.



PDF Downloads:  
Installation & Operation Residential
Spectrum Residential Brass Datasheet

Spectrum Residential Composite Datasheet